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Life is good and life is shit... Life is complicated. X.X Having the best and worst times of my life right here. Just... *sigh* Yeah. Gahhh. Doin' what I can to stay alive and stay me, What else can I say?



1. Okay, first the most-common stuff: What the hell are you and where are you from?

I am an Abyssehness and I am from the USA<3

2. Pfff... Who knows that country? In which continent is it, which language do you speak there and how is the flag?

Srsly. Just... Srsly. XD
North America~ English~ Red, white, and blue, baby! Stars and stripes!<3

3. Worst flag ever. Angry? Give me the best insults in your language.

Yeah, I kid. xD I could go at it, but really they're all based around a few base words... Bastard/bitch, ass, motherfucker, cunt, etc...

4. We all know... All countries have problems with others. Tell me the countries people of yours normally hate, why and what do you think about it

People here tend to hate the Middle Eastern Countries, and North Korea... But thing is is they hate ALL the Middle Eastern countries, since a lot of people don't know the difference ^^' A couple people still hate Russia 'cause of the Cold War and communism, but I think anyone that wasn't alive then is over it. And a few people are a little pissy at China. Other than that... We don't really care XD
I also think hating a whole people is stupid. t.t

5. The rest of the world always has stereotypes about your country, tell me about them. Are they true or should the rest of the world shut up?

Loud, obnoxious, self-centered, stupid, rich, superasspatriotic, lazy, fat, gun totin' psycho Christains, spray-tan bikini-babes with fake boobs all over the place...
Loud- Depends on the person. We're no louder than anyone else.
Obnoxious- Again, some are obnoxious, but no more than people are in other countries.
Self-Centered- I'd say we're a tad bit more self-centered & prided than others, but not a whole whole lot.
Stupid- Sometimes I want to say HELL YES, some times I want to say FUCK NO... T_T See, I hang out with rational people (surprisingly common), so then when I look around at the people I don't hang out with, it's like... Holy hell, did I find all the people with common sense in the world and bring them together with my awesome?!
Rich- We have more than a lot of countries have, but it's not all unicorns & rainbows over here. A LOT of people are on the streets- But then again, a lot of them deserve it...
Patriotic- Kinda. Most people are too involved with their own lives to care about anything... But we can be extremely patriotic, in the good let's all band together way and the bad FUCKYEAHAMERICAEVERYTHINGELSESUX way. x3
Lazy- More than we should be, but not to the extreme as is generally believed.
Fat- Same as ^
Gun lovers- Uhm, yeah, kinda ^^' Almost everyone here is a little more violent than is really necessary ^^'
Psycho-Christains- Yeahhhhhno. More than half of everyone I know is, like, Atheist, Apatheist, Wiccan, Catholic, Agnostic, etc...
Snookies Everywhere- LOLNO XD Not even close. xD

6. Sports: Tell me which is the most popular in your country and if you like it.

Football. x3 I don't particularly like it. Just a bunch of guys in tight pants releasing sexual tensions by ramming into each other & grabbing at eachother's balls.
I kid. I really don't give a shit about, or hate, any sport. But around where I live (Kentucky,) basketball is huge. As in, people will get batshit crazy over two teams O.O (University of Louisville (UofL) and University of Kentucky (UK)... *sigh* It gets scary. o.o)

7. Politics: If you were the president or whatever, what laws would you love to have added to your country?

Budget. Cuts. We spend SOOOO much money on irrelevant things... With all that money that was saved, I would try to lower taxes, pay back our country's debts, etc... Do shit to actually fix the economy & give some back to the people. x3
Also, I'd try to cut back the government in general. I'm a moderate republican, I like small government x3

8. I'm glad you're not the president then. Let's see... Do you hate anything about your country?

Our government T_T And how we don't stay out of other country's shit... Really, we have our own shit to deal with, without helping some random country who didn't even ask for help.

9. TV and music: Favourite TV show or music band (or singer) from your country?

I... don't watch TV. xD But my favorite band at the moment is Hollywood Undead<3

10. The most important one: Where do the people of your country normally go when they want to get laid?

UM. XD A bar? Hooters? Street corners? There are places I will not name that both guys & girls can go to to have VERY nice time for a couple bucks... Omg why would I know this gahhhhhhhh14ahhhh xD

11. I need to go there then. Now tell me about your food, drink and dance. And also tell me which currency is used in your country. Yes, all of that.

Food- Everything. x3 Like, 'Chinese' food, 'Mexican' food, 'Italian' food... Etc. Nothing's really ours but the cheeseburger, unless we got that from somewhere else too xD Also, if you want a good American burger, for God's sake, don't go to McDonalds. Just... Ew. xd Go to a grill out or something. Even Steak-N-Shake would suffice. Just not McDonalds or Burger King T.T

Drink- Coffee, soda, alcohol. XD

Dance- WhitepeopledancesWhat? xD Uhm... Honestly, a lot of them are really stupid xDx Dougie, the shuffle (like, as in EVERYDAY I'M SHUFFLIN' *epic dubstep-ish music here* xD), solja boy, the spogebob, cupid shuffle, other stupid shit. xDx

Currency- USD/United States Dollars. x3

12. And now the last thingy. Tag 5 people from other countries and spread the fun.

No >:c
Too lazy. XD
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Yup. XD
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